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Redeployment ready tanks


Supplying clean, secure fuel to the military on the move has always been a challenge.

For over 50 -years, US ground forces have relied on bladder tanks to form fuel system supply points that are complex to create and rarely reused. Our modular tanks are rapidly redeployable and proven in operational and humanitarian missions.

Installing a traditional fuel bladder requires substantial engineering efforts and takes time. Excavation to create a level site and berm construction takes, on average, 2-3 days. Craning the bladder into place and installing the liner adds another half-day, plus an additional 24 -hours to soak and fill. Our fuel storage modules can be moved by air, sea and road, and arrive ready for action. They are delivered complete with pumps, filters and gauges – and many can be transported while filled with fuel. It makes site selection for forward operating bases simpler, safer and faster.

Our fuel storage modules can be moved by air, sea and road, and arrive ready for action.

The conventional concept of linear logistics will not support the speed of modern, dynamic operations. Inserting self-sustaining Brigade Combat Teams into theatre within a 96-hour window is a challenge. Making BCTs and their battalions self-sustaining for a full 7 -days (up from the current 3-day expectation) is impossible by deploying bladders or ‘blivets’.

Once inserted, mission sustainment will rely on the capability, mobility and dispersal of the fuel distribution chain as agile infantry units that previously never had squad-level vehicles, now do. This means having accurate information on fuel assets – from tank locations to gas availability, down to individual operating base level. In short, that means knowing what supplies you have, and precisely where they are in real-time.

We are world leaders in providing traceable, transportable secure storage with inbuilt measurement for accountability. We provide fueling solutions to the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Air Force, and FEMA, along with commercial customers in the United States, Europe, and the Pacific.

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