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Meet Kandi  

Meet Kandi Blick, Western Global's Senior Business Development Manager

Want to get to know the people behind our fuel tanks?

We sat down with Kandi Blick, Senior Business Development Manager PACOM, based in California, USA. We discovered what she loves about Western Global and how she spends her time away from work.

WG: Hi Kandi, let’s get started. Firstly, please tell us about what you did before Western Global?
Kandi: With proud service in the United States Marine Corps, PSD/ Executive Protective work at home and abroad. I keep current as a firearms and tactics instructor for the Military, Law Enforcement, and DoD agencies. I was also a professionally sponsored competitive shooter, formerly with Team Safariland for several years.

I have worked with military-centric prime vendors and manufacturers in assisting customers with equipment and procurement options in the Government/DoD arena. Additionally, I continue to help facilitate brand awareness and collaborative connections among defense industry partners and global military customers through my work with Western Global.

WG: You must’ve seen some incredible places during your impressive career. What’s your favorite destination and somewhere you want to go?
Kandi: My favorite destination is where I am right now, but my dream vacation would have to be Chateau d’Yquem. Totally indulge my love of history, good food, and great wine.

WG: And what do you love about Western Global?
Kandi: Our overall ethos. The culture of Western Global continuously strives and succeeds in being the very best in our industry! I love that Western Global gives our team the platform to continue to serve our military personnel and help them overcome some of their most serious logistical challenges.

WG: Finally, what do you enjoy doing with your time away from fuel tanks?
Kandi: I spend my spare time shooting, collecting knives, ballroom dancing, golfing, reading, art, cooking, wine tasting, and being of service.

Great to hear from Kandi and find out who are the driving forces behind our fuel tanks.

Western Global are known for their high-quality fuel storage solutions, providing tanks that are robust and reliable, even in the most challenging circumstances. With a doubled walled, stainless-steel fleet to keep you going, you’ll be ready for anything.

Say hi to Kandi and contact her for your fuel tank needs, or read more about our defense team here.

''I love that Western Global gives our team the platform to continue to serve our military personnel.''

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