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Texas, USA


Power after storm damage


11 TransCube tanks


Easy to transport stock solution

“We required generators and a constant supply of fuel to run round the clock over several months”

Recovery in the wake of a twister

When a tornado tore through a water bottling facility in east Texas, the owners needed to find a fast and reliable way to resume production while they rebuilt. They’d require generators far more powerful than the type used for emergency cover, and a constant supply of fuel to run round the clock over several months.

We were given the brief to provide the best possible fuel source – one that was cost-effective for the generator providers to shift and install, and that met local regulations. Experience showed we had a solution ready to go straight in.

Project Solution

Back up and running

The temporary power provider delivered ten power units to provide 1,000kW to the damaged facility. These were fed by 11 TransCubes, which were stacked for ease of transport (taking up 40% less freight space than traditional tanks). Our double-walled solution already has UL142 and US DOT approvals, so there was no delay in getting the power rig up and running.

The equipment was not only cost-effective to provide and install, but it allowed instant fuel on-site with the tanks being transported to the bottling site full of fuel, enabling the bottling plant to return to business as usual faster than anyone thought possible. When the unexpected hits, we’re ready with the answers.

The Product

11 stacked TransCubes, for ease of transport

“Our solution already has the right approvals, so there was no delay in getting the rig up and running”

The Results

Tailored solution - Multiple Transcubes paired with generators
Faster fit - Increased run rates from 24-hours to seven days
Low cost - Stackable to reduce transport costs
Compliant technology - Type approvals in place
Ready - To keep trucks on the move in extreme weather conditions
“Run times of generators increased from 24 hours to 7 days providing surety of supply and cost savings on fuel deliveries over 6 month project, enabling the bottling plant to return faster than anyone thought possible”

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