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There’s only 1 TransCube Manufacturer…

Cube Vs Cube: Western Global's TransCube, a trendsetter for all transportable fuel tanks

So far in the Cube vs Cube series, we have: compared our transportable cube tank, the TransCube, with the market. We have suggested questions to consider when choosing a fuel tank and outlined our position as an industry leader. In this post, we are discussing what makes a true innovator, by comparing the Western Global brand with copy-cat fuel tank suppliers. Don’t forget to also check out Western’s innovation fact sheet while you’re here.


The Copy-Cat Suppliers vs The Innovators
The irreplaceable TransCube
Western cube-shaped tanks are engineered to the highest standard. So we can’t blame the ‘competition’ for trying to copy them. However, this is easier said than done. After all, a tank with years of product development, enhancement, and experience is pretty hard to replace! The TransCube offers a versatile refueling solution, based on the application and uses of our customers. Our customers are at the core of everything we do.


With years of experience refueling multiple industries across the world, our TransCubes are rigorously tested to perform the best in the field. The TransCube leads the market; maintenance teams love them, clients love them and our competitors can’t resist name-dropping them.


Why are we different? Western Global are not just engineers, we are a team of experts that specialise in delivering top-of-the-range fuel tanks, delivering a complete service for our customers.


The TransCube Global is simply irreplaceable

Local vs Global

Think ahead, go global!
Do you have a local fuel tank manufacturer nearby? This may seem like a simple solution, ready-to-go fuel tanks on your door-step- but can they offer you reliable fuel tanks that can be used almost anywhere in the world?

Western Global have distribution centers around the world, tanks with both local and global approvals, and regional reps to support the customer’s journey. Our fuel tanks can be operated almost anywhere in the world, so if demands change – you can take your tank fully approved anywhere you go. .


New product vs the industry benchmark

On the surface this sounds great, a new product means new innovation and new features, or so you would think.
1. Does the fuel tank offer anything new to the market?
The fuel tank may be a ‘new’ product line for the supplier, but does the tank offer any innovative features that we haven’t seen before?
2. Has the tank been tested under extreme conditions?
Fuel tanks contain hazardous liquids, therefore it is essential that fuel tanks are rigorously tested under harsh conditions, to ensure the safety of the environment and customers.
3. How reliable is the new line of fuel tanks?


TransCubes are rigorously tested to perform the best in the field…

It’s not a popularity contest… actually yes it is!
Customers love the TransCube because they are user friendly, they increase productivity and generate high ROI. TransCube cube-tanks have been innovatively designed to perform the best in multiple uses and applications. From emergency relief to fueling festivals, Western has your refueling requirements covered.


As Generator Power rightly says, ‘we just buy the best kit available, so for bunded tanks, this means Western Global

Thanks for reading! In our next post, we will go through the several uses and applications of our cube-shaped tanks.
Stay tuned.



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