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The importance of back up power

The reasons why a reliable power supply should be in place at events

Backup power

We are excited to see events and festivals starting to return all around the world!
While your customer’s plan for what may be their first event back, we thought it would be a good time to share the importance of a reliable power source. After all, we don’t want them to miss the glue that holds everything together; the power.

Preparing for the unexpected

Your customers have vendors ready-to-go, entertainment scheduled and facilities booked. But what about backup power? Whilst generators and fuel tanks may not be the first thing they think about when planning jam-packed exciting events, they are certainly the most vital.
What if the power SUDDENLY goes out?
What if they don’t have backup generators, with an on-demand fuel supply in place?
Without the backup power, there is no event!

That’s why we stress the importance of preparing customers for the unpredictable! At Western, we want your customer’s to have an efficient and hassle-free experience. Together, we can get them ready and powered up for their next event.

4 Reasons why there should always be a backup plan:


  1. Outages mean more pay-outs
    Outages can cause increased costs. Events generally don’t last longer than a few days, meaning the shortest power outage could have a detrimental effect on business. A backup power solution provides peace of mind, and if the unpredictable strikes, time and money would be saved in the long run. Assess the risks and be prepared.

  2. Less lighting, more accidents
    What happens if the power goes out and the event takes place at night? The outage would cause a health and safety risk:
    The lack of lighting -increases the chance of accidents, impacts security (increasing the likelihood of trouble and misbehaviour), general fear, and panic from the public.

  3. Food safety
    Vendors store food at specific temperatures, so if this changes in any way, vendors would need to dispose of the food to avoid the risk of food poisoning and the spread of harmful bacteria. This would also increase food waste and incur extra costs to the vendors.

  4. Lack of essential hygiene facilities
    Bathroom and cleaning facilities would likely be out of order. This will increase the chance of viruses spreading due to the lack of essential hygiene facilities.


The ideal generator fuel tank



Learn more about the TransCube Global fuel tank

Whether you’re an events company looking for a reliable power solution or a generator company that is getting prepared to fuel some fun this summer, Western Global is here to help.
Please get in touch with a member of the team for any fuel tank and power queries. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Keep the power running and help fuel the fun this summer!

Top image: Green generators and TransCubes sourced from Generator Power. Bottom and header image: Sourced from Power Hire UK.


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