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Pre-Use Fuel Tank Inspection


Implementing a pre-use inspection procedure for all users of your fuel tank can save the time, money and negative effects to your company’s reputation associated with a fuel spill. Whether filling the tank or dispensing fuel from it,  a short visual inspection before you begin the operation ensures that it is safe to proceed and allows you to keep up with small maintenance issues before they become a major problem. Any issues reported from the user inspections should be thoroughly investigated and corrected in a timely manner.

Below is a basic inspection checklist that you can include in your filling and dispensing procedure.

Pre-Use Inspection Checklist:

  • Inspect the fuel gauge. The reading will tell you how much fuel is available for dispensing, or if filling the tank, how much fuel can be added to the tank. Keep in mind that analogue gauges are not calibrated, and they only express an approximation of the fuel available. If you plan on filling it up while a partial quantity of fuel remains in the tank, exercise caution to ensure that the tank is not overfilled.
  • Visually inspect the outside of the tank for leaks. If any are found report them immediately
  • Inspect the bund or cabinet for accumulation of diesel or water. Whilst small amounts of diesel can drip off the tip of the nozzle with frequent use, the accumulation of significant amount of diesel or rainwater may indicate a leak, and must be reported and investigated.
  • Visually inspect the pump and pipework. Look for drips or leaks and report any you find.

Once you have completed the above, proceed with the refilling / refuelling operation. After completing the operation make sure to clean up any accidental spills. If needed use a drip tray.


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