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How often should you inspect your stationary fuel tank?




Although Western Global products are designed to the highest standards, we recommend regular inspections to keep units always fit for purpose order. That’s why we have put together inspection guidelines to help you keep your fuel tanks running – Download Inspection Guidelines

Our tanks offer superior security and versatility for stationary fuelling applications. Products like our EnviroCube and EnviroBulka features a lockable cabinet with additional shelving space and secure hose access, these bulk storage units are your solution for long term construction projects and plant yards.


Here is a list of tasks recommended to be carried out as part of the inspection:


  • HOUSEKEEPING: Check site and tank, remove debris, vegetation, etc. Keeping the vicinity of the tank organised and tidy will ensure that any leaks can be identified immediately (weekly).


  • FIREFIGHTING MEDIA (IF FITTED):  Check in place and unused (weekly). Test pressure and function (every 6 months).


  • DOORS: Visual inspection (monthly) and grease hinges (yearly).  Lubricate the hinges which hold the cabinet cover or door. These should be fitted with grease nipples for effortless operation. Additionally, you may wish to spray some PTFE grease on the moving parts of the locking mechanism.


  • SIGNAGE: Visual inspection/replace – check damage and wear (monthly).


  • BALL VALVES:  Physical check, check operation (weekly).


  • VENTS, FITTINGS, and PIPELINES: Visual checks for leaks and damage (weekly). Physical check, bolt tightness, paint deterioration inspect the condition of the pumping equipment, vents, and valves (every 6 months).


  • INTERSTITIAL SPACE (CONTAINMENT): Weekly check for water or product (Remove the accumulation of water and diesel from the bund/cabinet. Please ensure you are competent to do this and are using the appropriate equipment and PPE. All resulted waste should be treated as hazardous and disposed in accordance with local regulations).


  • TANK EARTHING: Visual check ok (monthly). Check continuity (yearly).


Please check the regulations for static fuel tanks in your region, as further inspections may also be required.

If you would like any further information about our product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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