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Want to know what’s beyond our fuel tanks?

Reliability, innovation, and industry-leading are what you look for in your fuel tanks, we have that in our fuel tanks and in our team.

Meet Zoe, she’s been a part of Western Global for over 4 years and has tried a few roles to be where she is now, Business Development Manager.


Q&A’s to find out more about Zoe…


  1. What does your typical day look like?

 “Being the BDM of the South West, Wales, and Ireland I have a whole mix of customers and industries I support and work with daily so I don’t really have a typical day. But communicating with them to ensure their needs and requirements are met is the aim. With over 1,000 customers across my area in 20+ different industries ranging from construction to golf courses keeps me busy!”

2. Your No.1 Western Global fuel tank?

“I would have to say my favourite tank would be the 10TCG, it was the first product I ever learnt about and one that everyone knows, recognises, and loves.”

3. What is your Western Global journey?

“I started Western Global 4 and a half years ago in Operations. I worked for the production team for a little over 6 months before it became abundantly clear I was drawn to be part of the sales team. I moved across to the international sales team supporting the sales manager for the Middle East and South Africa before becoming a BDM for a small area in the South West. Over the past 2 and half years expanding my patch to the quater of the country I now represent.”

Zoe- “10TCG, the one everyone knows, recognises, and loves”
At Western Global we’re proud of our journeys and the achievements we make.


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