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Want to know what’s beyond our fuel tanks?

Our fuel tanks aren’t the only industry-leading aspects of Western Global.

Meet John, he started at Western Global as a Key Account Manager for our largest equipment rental accounts in North America, then became Director of Sales for our rental & equipment sales team. Most recently our Vice President of Sales & Distribution Development where he is responsible for the growth of our primary distribution channels in the Americas region.


Q&A’s to find out more about John…


  1. What’s your favorite Western Global tank?

 My background is in equipment rental, and in particular mobile power generation equipment, so my favorite piece of gear we sell has to be our range of  TransCube Global tanks. The premier job site mobile fuel tank, and the fuel tank of choice for the largest equipment rental companies in the world.

2. What does your typical day look like?

 As our VP of sales my role is quite varied, so there really is no ”typical” day. One day I’m developing high level account plans, the next I’m working with our CRM team on system refinements. Tomorrow I may be going out to meet a customer with one of the national account managers, and the following day I could be working on creating finance programs to give our regional sales manager more tools to help their customer. But that variety is something I very much appreciate about my role on the global leadership team.

3. What’s your favorite thing about working at Western Global?

One of the things that initially attracted me to Western Global and that I still admire to this day, is the relatively small feel of the company. For our global footprint and innovative, industry leading presence, we’re still a company with a relatively flat command structure, when compared to the very large and bureaucratic kind of companies that I have previously worked for. That smaller and more familial kind of environment has created space for me to have a voice in strategy that I would’ve been hard pressed to find at other commpanies in our industry. 


Previous to John’s extensive background within this industry he was a Former US Army Ordnance Noncommissioned Officer which included deployment to Iraq in support of Operation enduring freedom in 2003.


We’re proud to have quality, reliable and innovative fuel tanks as well as our employees at Western Global.




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