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Want to know who’s behind our fuel tanks?

Meet Alex, the Business Development Manager for the North of England and Scotland.

We’re proud of our tanks and want to show you the best of what they can do. Let us know your fuel storage requirements and we can make that one less thing that gets in your way of what you do best: running your project.


Q&A’s to find out more about Alex…


  1. Your favorite Western Global tank?

 “Any of the ENV range so the EnviroBulka’s or EnviroCube’s. The bigger the better! I wish we could build them for up to 500,000L so I could live in one, I’d add windows of course. Lovely shape, and roller shutter door, what a unit. 11/10 from me.”

2. What do you like about working at Western Global?

“We sell the best product in the market and everyone knows what we’re about. Makes it easier for us sales team that’s for sure! Also, I love the autonomy (covid aside) of my role and being able to plan my week, as well as the fact you are trusted by management to achieve and exceed your targets without being micromanaged.”

3. What challenges do you face within your role?

“Certain projects have been a challenge as we’ve had to work around certain obstacles, however HVO fuel storage is really exciting, this means some other tanks on the market are not suitable, this is where our expertise really shine through, it’s then great to see the success of the final project, and the start of a new partnership.”

Alex’s favorite quote: “Sunny days wouldn’t be special if it wasn’t for rain.” – 50 Cent


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