Introducing the EnviroBulka Fuel Island

Fuel Distribution is an industry that relies heavily on fuel. And to keep up with the competition, companies must introduce new technologies and strategies to grow their customer base and reduce overhead costs. The Fuel Island was designed as a user friendly fuel tank system, allowing fuel distributors to sell more fuel and reduce loss through intelligent fuel storage and dispensing.

The Fuel Island is a 110% bunded, fuel station with remote monitoring technology. It pairs Western Global’s trusted EnviroBulka fuel tanks with all the necessary components and equipment to create a turnkey portable fuel station solution that can be deployed immediately. Ideal for fleet refuelling or dispensing fuel for sale, tanks were designed to become complete fuel management systems. The Fuel Island also offers an efficient solution to long-term storage requirements, strategically designed to store fuel in specific locations for long periods of time. Each unit comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed with all accessories installed, eliminating set up time completely. With its integrated, cloud-based remote monitoring equipment fuel consumption can be accurately tracked, saving time and resources for the distributor and the end-user.

Fuel Islands are supplied “ready to use” which means installation time is greatly reduced compared to conventional site-built solutions. “It’s fair to say that the Fuel Island package doesn’t require any set up time or additional configurations. This product can offer ultimate efficiency onsite from day one. It’s user friendly, eliminating any set up costs and headaches similar products can offer” says Matthew Botterill, Western Global’s UK Sales Manager.

The UK Fuel Island is available in 3 packages which offer differing equipment specification levels; these options were designed to fit any client’s application and budget. Every package includes the fuel tank (from 9,000 – 38,500 litres), dispensing equipment, fuel management system, electrical panel and all necessary plumbing and wiring. Western Global’s highly skilled operations team pre-assembles and installs all these components so every Fuel Island is delivered to customers ready-to-use.

Each Fuel Island package is based around the Western Global EBD 2000, 4000, 6000 or 9000 Tank; the EnviroBulka Deluxe is a line of stationary bulk fuel storage tanks. Featuring large secure cabinet with roller shutter access door, spill sump in base of cabinet to contain any spillage or drips, extra feed and return ports for running other auxiliary equipment like generators, heaters, etc. Available in capacities ranging from 9,000 to 38,500 litres, EnviroBulka Deluxe tanks are designed with an access manway on top of the tank for easy cleaning and offset fuel fill pipe for rapid refuelling of tank.


Western Global is proud to introduce another efficient solution to our customers. Fuel distributors can sell more fuel, better track consumption and reduce downtime by utlilising a Fuel Island in their operations. Contact Matthew Botterill ([email protected]) to learn more.


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