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Transportable (Diesel) Generator Fuel Tanks


Reliability and consistency are key drivers when it comes to powering any application. However, as generators consume significant amounts of diesel fuel when running at full capacity, it can be difficult to keep the power running effectively. If you’re finding that your high-power applications are struggling when running at peak load power for long periods of time, you may want to consider investing in an additional fuel tank to complement the generator’s day tank. Applications requiring long run times at peak load power can benefit from plumbing an external fuel tank directly to a generators engine which can increase the autonomy, meeting the most demanding power projects.

Furthermore, essential industries such as healthcare and data storage will require a significant capacity of reserve fuel for critical standby applications to run consistently. Utilizing transportable fuel storage enables maximum flexibility when deployment needs to be actioned quickly or when working in remote areas. For multi megawatt temporary power solutions normally required for grid support or off the grid projects, the TransTank containerized series of modular fuel tanks can link together offering any capacity needed to meet your fuel requirements.

Here at Western Global, our range of comprehensively designed fuel solutions have been aiding countless clients in the power generation industry for over 50 years. Products like our reliable Transcube work alongside generators and have grown to be indispensable assets for civil construction, events and emergency response sectors.

Case Studies

Mobile emergency response fuel tanks, providing peace-of-mind for the unpredictable

FEMA required a bulk number of fuel storage tanks to use during typhoon season on the remote island of Saipan. This order was received as a matter of urgency, as it was to assist in the recovery from a natural disaster.

Geothermal Power Plant – TCG

A customer required a fuel storage solution for a new geothermal power plant, with a total capacity of 50MW. Western provided an off-the-shelf fuel storage solution, that delivered efficiency and was cost effective.


Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved bulk fuel storage containers.


Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved fuel storage tanks.

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