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Oil & Gas

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As the backbone of the world’s energy supply, the Oil & Gas industry is under increasing pressure to maintain sustainable supply. Using the right products and technology, Oil & Gas applications must run safely and efficiently to work towards maximum productivity. For land drilling and production, onsite diesel machinery needs to offer reliability and remain operational.

Utilizing an onsite fuel storage tank working alongside your auxiliary equipment or refueling machinery and vehicles on demand can reduce unnecessary downtime. Western Global has worked alongside a range of oilfield applications, providing custom configured storage solutions for their operations. Fuel tanks like the TransCube and TransTank have made a major impact on drilling pads, frac sites, and production facilities, saving time and costs.

Case Studies

Transcube Fuels NY Bridge Project

The customer needed a way to safely and efficiently fuel machinery located on barges spread across a river.


Rugged transportable storage tanks for fuel and DEF.


Stationary fuel storage containers for bulk fuel storage and supply.


Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved fuel storage tanks.


Economic stationary fuel storage tanks.


Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved bulk fuel storage containers.


Full-height, lockable cabinet with additional shelving space and secure hose access

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