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Reliable Offshore Fuel Storage Tanks


Offshore applications pose a unique set of challenges, requiring extremely stringent levels of safety, precision and efficiency in order to run effectively, all of which must be carried out when at the mercy of the elements. Because of this, reliability is an essential component when looking to meet project timelines effectively and maintain a consistent supply. One issue in particular that hinges heavily on reliability is quality fuel storage solutions.

Here at Western Global, we have a keen understanding of the challenges facing the offshore industry, especially when it comes to fuel storage, which is why our range of storage solutions are perfectly tailored for the rigours of offshore projects. Tanks are either supplied as standard or re-engineered to meet the client’s specific requirements. Western storage products have helped offshore applications around the globe save time and cut costs, while handling hazardous materials safely and efficiently.

Designed for rugged applications while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements, our TransCube and TransTank offshore fuel storage tank ranges, along with our Mudbox Offshore mud/cutting boxes are manufactured to meet industry standards, with EN12079, and UN IBC approval.

Case Studies

TransCube Offshore Goes Into Operation in the North Sea

The installation of 97 offshore wind turbines in the North Sea.

Offshore drilling operations in Prudhoe Bay

Prudhoe Bay drilling operation in need of a reliable solution for mud and cuttings storage.

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Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved fuel storage tanks.

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