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Fuel Tanks and Bulk Fuel Containers for Fuel Distributors

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Fuel is the lifeblood of every fuel distributors business. Providing your customers, whether in the construction, farming, or retail markets, with the best product is vital to operating a successful business. Having a safe and reliable storage and transport solution can bring efficiency, and even revenue, to a distributors operation. By offering an equipment program, you can attract more accounts, place more tanks, and ultimately sell more bulk fuel.

Western Global has been providing tanks to fuel distributors for a number of years and have developed a number of units and configurations especially suited for your needs. Smaller fuel tanks, like the FuelCube, have proven their superiority when supplying tanks for rent or purchase to customers onsite. As environmental concerns increase and productivity remains at the forefront of projects requiring fuel, tank efficiency has and will continue to become a requirement.

For bulk capacity, the TransTank series of bulk fuel containers has served the industry as portable infrastructure needed for commercial or retail operators. Safe, reliable and easy to use, these units can be easily configured with pumping, filtration, and complete fuel management packages to fit the needs of your application.

Case Studies

Refueling Made Easy for Helicopter Service

An emergency medical transport service used the TransCube to refuel its helicopters after each mission.

Emergency Fueling During Louisiana Flood

An emergency medical transport service used the TransCube to refuel its helicopters after each mission.


Rugged transportable storage tanks for fuel and DEF.


Stationary fuel storage containers for bulk fuel storage and supply.


Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved fuel storage tanks.


Economic stationary fuel storage tanks.


Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved bulk fuel storage containers.


Full-height, lockable cabinet with additional shelving space and secure hose access

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