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Industry Solutions

Every application is unique in its operations and storage needs. Select your industry below to learn more about improving your efficiency with liquid handling.

  • construction


Western Global has a wide range of storage solutions to keep your equipment and operations moving.

  • power


Whether standby, grid back-up or temporary power solutions, our storage tanks keep generators running.


  • fuel


We provide solutions that enable reliable bulk product storage and transport, increasing efficiency and revenue.

  • oil-gas

    OIL & GAS

Western’s line of storage products are designed to support the efficiency and productivity of your operations.

  • oil-rig


Working alongside offshore operators, we have developed a series of storage units compliant for offshore use.


  • note-paper


With their rugged design and rental-friendly features, our storage tanks have become vital assets to equipment rental fleets.


  • mining


Western Global has engineered a range of solutions suited to mining operations, supporting uptime and reducing costs.


  • lorry


Our versatile storage solutions keep logistics and transport operators running smoothly while enabling cost reductions.

  • plant (1)


We offer a range of fuel and liquid storage solutions to help farmers make time for more acres.

  • building


With a wide scope of approvals and versatility, Western’s products effectively support your projects and missions whether home or abroad.


Mobile emergency response fuel tanks, providing peace-of-mind for the unpredictable

FEMA required a bulk number of fuel storage tanks to use during typhoon season on the remote island of Saipan. This order was received as a matter of urgency, as it was to assist in the recovery from a natural disaster.

Geothermal Power Plant – TCG

A customer required a fuel storage solution for a new geothermal power plant, with a total capacity of 50MW. Western provided an off-the-shelf fuel storage solution, that delivered efficiency and was cost effective.