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Transtank Global Series

2,510 - 5,680 US GAL
9,500 - 21,500 LITRES
2,090 - 4,729 IMP GAL

Transtank Pro Series

3,223 - 18,175 US GAL
12,200 -  68,800 LITRES
2,603 - 15,132 IMP GAL
Not Available in Europe


7,133 - 16,107 US GAL
27,000 - 60,970 LITRES
5,939 - 13,412 IMP GAL

Howell Oil choose Western Global Cubes

Environmental risk identified Howell Oil first started working with Western Global in 2019 when it was working on a complex project with the Army Core in Belle Glade, Florida.   Howell Oil & the Army Core engineer assessed the site’s existing round tanks with secondary containment skids to be a major environmental and reputational risk…

Keeping operations fueled at one of the largest construction projects in the USA.

Western Global's Fuel Chain services all vehicles throughout the construction phase at the huge manufacturing facility, located in Ohio River, North Valley.