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Efficient generator fuel tanks

7 reasons why a fuel tank is a perfect asset to every generator



7 reasons every generator needs a fuel tank


Applications requiring long run times at peak times can consume a substantial amount of fuel. Plumbing an external fuel tank directly to a generator’s engine, provides a self-sufficient solution, saving time associated with waiting for fuel deliveries.


1. Extend generator run times


The TransCube Global range can fuel up to three generators simultaneously. Whilst our larger capacity container tanks are capable of connecting up to four generators and refuel at the same time. This can take your generator run time from 24-hours to 7 days.


Western offers the most efficient and productive generator fuel tanks on the market .


2. Transport fuel anywhere you need


Our fully transportable fuel tanks are built and approved to global transport specifications. Meaning, they can be fully transported full of fuel anywhere you need.


Western’s transportable generator tanks reduce the cost and hassle of relocating fuel tanks.


3. Fast set-up


Alongside the TransCube’s mobile design, the pumps and accessories are pre-installed, so you can get to work as soon as your fuel tank is delivered.


4. Relocatable, ideal for emergency operations


Western’s bulk fuel tanks, the TransTank, can easily be moved to other locations once a job is completed. The flexible design means you can expand and downsize as storage requirements change during a project.


5. Emergency response


Western’s mobile emergency response fuel tanks provide peace-of-mind for the unpredictable. Recently our fuel tanks have helped provide back-up generators with the fuel they need to support temporary hospitals and healthcare facilities during challenging times.


6. Power to limited access sites


Make work-life easier with a Western fuel tank. User-friendly, increase productivity, and easy access to fuel on limited-access sites.

An efficient space saver and ideal for accessing logistically challenging sites.


7. Create strong ROI


Already renting generators to your customers? Offering a fuel tank is an easy up-sell.

How to generator more revenue with a fuel tank?
– Provide back up fuel
– Extend run times
– Eliminate downtime
– Decrease in off-site costs

TransCube Global fuel tanks have proven ROI, with strong resale values at the end of a tank’s life.

To learn more about our range of fuel tanks, check out our core product range on our website. Alternatively, contact our expert sales team for more information.



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