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FuelCube Benefits

The compact and economical cube tank, designed for onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling


The FuelCube (FCP) is a compact and economical fuel storage solution designed for onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling. This range of fuel tanks is UL142 approved and ready to use on the job-site with pumps and meters installed.

Benefits of the FuelCube

Fast and simple refueling:

– Keep your projects moving forward with intelligent refueling configurations.
– Connect to one diesel-powered piece of equipment and dispense fuel by the pump at the same time.

Remove-the-hassle with a removable inner tank:

The FuelCube has a removable inner tank to allow full access to the secondary containment area; this makes cleaning, maintenance, and inspection a breeze.

Environmentally friendly and extra safe

– Designed to keep operators safe and the environment clean- 110% bunded.
– Deter theft and keep assets secured in a lockable equipment cabinet.


Operations run efficiently with the FuelCube

– Fast fuel deliveries and reduced down-time.  
– Keep fuel strategically located on-site. The fuel tank has a reduced footprint, saving space on your job-site (stackable two high when empty).  
– Refuel construction machinery, with no waiting around for fuel deliveries.

Offering customers choice and flexibility

– The FuelCube is our economic fuel storage solution. This range of fuel tanks may not have all the features of our popular TransCube models but is ideal for fast and efficient refueling on job-sites (see the comparison table below).
– Customize your fuel tank to your requirement with numerous accessories, pump kits, and monitoring kits. You can also brand your fuel tank for easy advertising on-site.
– The FuelCube is cost-effective and can create strong ROI for your business.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the FuelCube range, get in touch with us today.



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Periodic Preventative Tank Maintenance

  In addition to pre-use inspections, it is recommended that you carry out periodic preventive maintenance and inspections of your fuel tanks. The frequency of these inspection should be set by yourself according to the nature of your operations, but once every 6 to 12 months should be adequate. Here is a list of tasks recommended…