Our robust tanks have long service lives and high resale values – that’s why they’re easy to secure finance on in the USA and Canada. If you’d like immediate delivery and the opportunity to pay over the lifetime of your project, we’ve teamed up with GreatAmerica Financial Services.

Great America Financial Services

Select which of our two programs suits your operation, or ask for a custom-tailored quote:

Baker’s Dozen Program

  • Monthly repayments
  • For orders over $10,000
  • Subject to credit approval

Take the total selling price inclusive of shipping and taxes and divide by 12. This is your monthly repayment. The first instalment is due at signing, followed by 12 identical payments (making 13 in all). This is suitable for orders of $10,000 or more and is subject to credit approval by the finance company.

5.9% Program*

  • 5.9% of the total sale price*
  • x12 equal payments

You pay 5.9% of the total sale price including tax and freight on delivery (all of the interest upfront), followed by twelve equal payments.

Example $25,000/12 = $2083.33. Initial payment of $1,475 ($25,000 x 5.9%) then 12 instalments of $2083.33. It’s suitable for orders totalling over $25,000 and is subject to finance company approval. *6.9% In Canada

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