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Rental/Hire companies are looking for assets that will last a long time, require minimal maintenance and offer a high residual value. We understand that having a versatile fleet which can be rented across different markets is also a key factor. Western’s fuel tanks meet these requirements and have become the hidden heros of rental fleets. With minimal maintenance, high utilization, and fast ROI, fuel storage tanks are a proven revenue source in the rental industry.

Western Global has set the standard in rental fuel storage tanks. With its rugged, transportable design and many rental-friendly features, the TransCube was designed and perfected with the rental industry in mind, improving fuel handling in the construction, industrial, and event markets. Working across multiple markets and suitable for any applications with diesel powered machinery, the TransCube has become an easy upsell for rental companies to unlock additional rental revenue.

In addition to the rental/hire of the fuel tank, many rental companies also take the opportunity to offer a complete fuel sale package to the end user. To assist you in harnessing this new revenue stream, Western Global has developed fuel management and remote tank monitoring systems ideally suited for hassle-free fuel sales. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of Western Global storage solutions for you and for your customers.

Want to see how much revenue you can earn from renting/hiring out TransCube fuel tanks? Click here to check out our Battle for ROI Infographic.

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Case Studies

TransCube Fuels Panama Canal Expansion Project

In 2007, a $5 billion project to triple the shipping capacity of the Panama Canal.

TransCube Fuels Panama Canal Expansion Project

In 2007, a $5 billion project to triple the shipping capacity of the Panama Canal.

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