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From sunrise to sunset, every moment is valuable, especially during harvest. Whether planting or gathering crops, time utilization is important to the success of agriculture producers. Fuel and DEF can be handled in a multitude of ways. The challenge apparent with most existing storage tank setups is that of machinery running out of fuel/DEF in the fields. Small tanks in the back of pickup trucks can suit the fuelling of small farm machinery, but combines and larger, more sophisticated equipment’s onboard fuel tanks in most case will exceed the capacity of the tank in the back of your truck.

Trailerised storage solutions with 110% containment that can fuel multiple pieces of equipment save you time and offer you peace of mind by preventing spills. Western Global offers a range of storage solutions tailored to the agriculture industry, included trailerised transportable tanks and bulk stationery tanks. The Abbi is a proven trailerised fuelling solution that enables fuel transportation around your farm at greater capacities. Stationery tanks, like the FuelCube serve well when placed in key locations to fuel machinery before heading out to the fields. All product ranges have proved to significantly reduce fuelling time, allowing farmers more time for more acres.

DEF During Harvest

At harvest time, between early Summer and late Autumn, harvesters and large tractors need to be continually working to meet the high demand of the limited season.

Recommended for Agriculture Industry


Rugged transportable storage tanks for fuel and DEF.


Stationary fuel storage containers for bulk fuel storage and supply.

Blue Pro

Stationary and transportable DEF storage tanks.

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