Refueling Packages for South Africa

Refueling Packages for South Africa

A Fuel Distribution company uses hassle-free refueling packages to reduce operating costs.


A fuel distribution company was providing fuel to one of the largest construction companies in Africa. The construction company had multiple projects on the go throughout South Africa and the fuel distributor needed a quick and hassle-free solution for mobilizing new sites.


The TransTank P Series provided an ideal solution to the fuel distributor’s needs. With the ISO container design and many transport-friendly features, the P Series made for the perfect light and medium vehicle refueling package that could be transported easily when empty.


Western Global’s solution provided simplified project management for the fuel distributor. With this package no civils were required on site, which provided both the fuel distributor and the construction company with hassle-free fueling and reduced operating costs.


Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved bulk fuel storage containers.