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Guyana, South America


Onshore marine fuel farm


18 x 400TTS units


Modular, flexible build

“Our modular proposal needed to be ready for change, too - with expansion and relocation always on the horizon”

A modern, modular alternative

Guyana Shore Base is a 28-acre port and fuel bunkering site. They’d identified the need for a more flexible fuel chain for marine diesel and heavy oil used on the dynamic, floating rigs they serve. With little infrastructure, low-skilled staff, and stringent cost controls, a site-fabricated solution wasn’t an option.

We were asked to come up with a ready-made, modular alternative to the traditional single tank – that would otherwise need almost full-time deliveries via non-articulated fuel trucks to keep pace with demand. Our modular solution needed to be capable of expanding in the future. With expansion and relocation always on the horizon, we are ready for change.

Project Solution

Ready for change

We supplied multiple, double-walled units to create a fuel farm with distinct advantages over a traditional static cylindrical or underground tank. Each of the eighteen 400TTS container tanks units can be isolated, inspected, maintained, cleaned and controlled individually – without taking the supply offline. The 40-foot units were quickly installed and linked using our modular solution, providing over 1-million litres of fuel capacity.

After the initial phase 1 was completed in 2019, the facility was expanded in 2020 using more modular container tanks to increase overall capacity without disrupting the existing tanks.

The Product

TransTank Standby - Eighteen 400TTS container tanks

“As demand changes or moves up coast, our solution is ready to be dismantled and rebuilt”

The Results

Tailored solution - Existing technology, fine-tuned for application
Easily installed - Prefabricated, modular system
Low training - Allows system to be operated locally by low-skilled workers
Proven technology - Established solution for marine
Ready - Prepared for expansion or relocation
“Each tank can be isolated, inspected, maintained, cleaned individually - without taking the supply offline.”

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