Transport and logistics operators rely on fuel to keep their fleets and operations running smoothly. At Western Global, we understand the significant cost of fuel for transport operators. Our home base refuelling systems provide our customers with a cost effective method for transport and logistics firms to access bulk fuel discounts.

Available in a range of tank sizes, our storage solutions are suitable for fleets as small as 5 to as large as several hundred vehicles. To effectively manage your expenses and fuel consumption, we recognise the importance of fuel management and monitoring. All tanks can be configured with a range of dispensing and fuel management systems to allow you to track and control consumption with accuracy. With some configurations, containerised tanks can be set up to act as a full refuelling station. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) solutions are also available to meet the requirements of vehicles and machinery with Tier 4 engines.

Fueling Station for 60+ Fleet of Trucks

A trucking company was looking for a solution for fueling their trucks.

Refueling Rental Cars in Paris

Refueling station for rental car location near the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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Transportable, stationary, and offshore approved bulk fuel storage containers.

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