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Cube vs Cube part 2: 

In our last Cube vs Cube entry, we discuss the questions to ask when choosing the best cube tank for you. From product expertise to the range, and readiness; we showed you how and why Western Global is a market leader in fuel storage. But, it doesn’t stop there…

Quality, innovation, and longevity are important things to consider when purchasing your next cube fuel tank…




1. Choose quality over price?
Quality beats the unexpected, accidents can happen! Ensure the tank is durable and robust, fully contained, and rigorously tested to handle the toughest conditions.
Initial investment saves longer-term costs. Think wisely when it comes to price.

Did you know? Not only are Western Global fuel tanks made to the best quality, but we invest in good quality parts and accessories, giving you best quality all-in-one package. For instance, we see many competing fuel tanks with poor quality gauges, these often get stuck and deliver inaccurate readings, causing a tank to unexpectedly run out of fuel. Our high accuracy gauge means fuel levels are never in question! .


2. How long do you require the fuel tank? Check the longevity of the product,

Ensure the fuel tank is built to last!

Did you know? TransCubes’ innovative design allows complete dismantling of the inner tank. This means easy maintenance and repairs, that would otherwise be impossible. A clean well-maintained tank is a long-lasting healthy tank! .


3. Finished with your fuel tank? Have you checked the resell values?

Did you know? Western Global cube fuel tanks have one of the strongest resale values at the end of the product’s life? .




1. How productive is the fuel tank?

Did you know? Our TransCube Global tanks can connect to 3 diesel-powered pieces of equipment and refuel equipment via a pump at the same time. THE PERFECT GENERATOR TANK .


2. What level of security does the tank offer?

Did you know? Whilst competitor tanks do feature secure hatches, our cube tanks are built to be highly secure. Not only do products like the TransCube Global feature large lockable cabinets, but we also utilise hinge protectors that prevent entry, even if hinges are cut. Tanks also offer many other built-in security features to ensure fuel is not stolen .


We aren’t an industry leader for nothing. We offer you peace-of-mind when purchasing your next cube fuel tank.

Choose the fuel tank manufacturer you can trust, choose Western Global.

To learn more about our cube-shaped fuel tanks see our TransCube range. Alternatively, contact our expert sales team for more information.



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