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CUBE vs CUBE FUEL STORAGE Q&A: Western Global as a leader


Let’s talk about cube tanks!

At Western Global, we love cube-shaped fuel tanks. In previous blog posts, we talk about cube-tanks opening up new ways to increase productivity, efficiency, and profit streams. Check out our Cube vs round tank blog post for the full cube tank low down. But with more and more cube-shaped tanks available in the market, we want to ensure you choose a fuel tank manufacturer you can trust.

Here are some essential Q&As to ask when eliminating the competition…





1. How long has the supplier been delivering fuel storage solutions to the industry?


DID YOU KNOW? At Western Global, we have 50 years of experience delivering fuel storage solutions to multiple industries. 18 years ago, we were even the first manufacturer to introduce the cube-shaped design to the UK market. .


2. What products is the supplier invested in?


DID YOU KNOW? Unlike other competitors, Western Global solely specialise in fuel tanks. .


3. Are products designed to meet quality standards and global approvals?


DID YOU KNOW? WG Fuel tanks are rigorously tested and designed to meet quality standards and global approvals. .


4. What technical support is offered?


DID YOU KNOW? Our expert team of engineers and technicians are here to support your training and fuel tank needs. .




1. What rental-ready options are available?
Can other suppliers offer ready-to-go fuel tanks with next day delivery?


Western Global have ready-to-go fuel tanks, with next delivery options available. This is perfect for the rental industry and securing next day rentals. We also have over 1000 parts in stock with a 24-hour dispatch service and a dedicated team to resolve queries immediately. .


2. Product range
There are plenty of cube tanks on the market, but how versatile are they?


Western Global has the most versatile range of cube fuel tanks on the market.
Ideal for:
• Limited access worksites
• Fuel transport
• On-site fuel supply
• Generator and auxiliary equipment
• Rapid deployment
• Standby fuel
• Short term fuel storage
• Roadwork requirements
• Fast mobile refuelling .


Stay tuned…
Keep an eye out for our next post in this series. We will be discussing cube-shaped tanks as long-term assets and market competitive features/benefits our tanks have to offer.

We aren’t an industry leader for nothing.
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