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TransCube Offshore Goes Into Operation in the North Sea

TransCube Offshore Goes Into Operation in the North Sea

The installation of 97 offshore wind turbines in the North Sea.



The customer was in need of a solution that would be fully compliant in design to international off-shore regulations and provide a safe, long-lasting performance in the most extreme environment. They also required the design of a remote level monitoring device which would interface with their electronic management system and provide reliable readings over prolonged exposure in very challenging conditions. In addition, the time-scale of the project was very tight, working towards the customer’s program and vessel sailing times.


Western Global used their experience and engineering capabilities to create a solution that would meet all of the customer’s criteria. The newly developed TransCube Offshore 20TCG-OS storage tank was combined with our innovative C2020-A remote level monitoring system to meet their needs. These products were designed for use within the highly regulated Offshore Oil & Gas industry, meeting EN12079 and UN IBC approvals.


The solution provided fully met the customer’s requirements. The customer benefited from reduced timescales, increased operational efficiencies and a cost effective reliable solution that stayed within the budgetary restraints. Furthermore, Western was able to improve on desired schedules by utilizing their global expertise and operations to fast-tracking production programs. This ultimately allowed Western to deliver the product ahead of schedule and support the success of the customer’s project.

Mobile emergency response fuel tanks, providing peace-of-mind for the unpredictable

FEMA required a bulk number of fuel storage tanks to use during typhoon season on the remote island of Saipan. This order was received as a matter of urgency, as it was to assist in the recovery from a natural disaster.

Geothermal Power Plant – TCG

A customer required a fuel storage solution for a new geothermal power plant, with a total capacity of 50MW. Western provided an off-the-shelf fuel storage solution, that delivered efficiency and was cost effective.