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TransCube Fuels Damaged Water Facility

TransCube Fuels Damaged Water Facility

TransCubes fuel ten 100k generators for a damaged water bottling facility in east Texas.



A generator provider needed to deliver temporary power to a water bottling facility in east Texas. The facility was hit by a tornado which destroyed 31 tractor trailers and tore a 14,000 sq ft hole in the ceiling. The damage made it impossible to continue operations, so the water facility needed temporary power to assist them in their rebuilding process.

The generator provider had three main considerations for choosing fuel tanks for this project. First, their generators would need to provide several months of power to the water facility, so they would need a fuel tank that could significantly increase generator run times. Second, they needed a double-walled fuel tank to meet local regulations. Most importantly, they needed to find a solution that was easy and cost effective to transport for both them and their customer.


The generator provider delivered around 1,000 kw of power to the facility using 10 generators, a 900 cfm air compressor, and 11 TransCubes. By using the TransCube, they could double or even triple the run times on their rental power equipment. Since the TransCube is double-walled and meets UL 142 and UN DOT approvals, they were able to meet their local regulations easily. Lastly, the stackable and transport-approved design made it easy for them to deliver the TransCube to the water facility.


The generator provider found that the TransCube used about 40% less freight space in transport than traditional fuel tanks. This allowed for faster deployment of the solution and provided a significant cost savings to both the generator provider and the water facility. Because of the benefits the TransCube provided, the generator provider helped the water facility to accelerate their facility repairs.

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