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The First Compact Fuel Station in Dubai

The First Compact Fuel Station in Dubai

Western Global helps build the first solar panelled compact petrol station, offering a new way to increase efficiency, reduce loss and sell more fuel.

ENOC_Express Station-41


A new fuelling solution is needed in areas with no nearby stations, or areas where it is difficult to build new stations.
New residential communities being built around Dubai is on the rise. Therefore, the demand for fuel is expected to rise.


As an official sub-contractor, Western’s in-house engineering team worked closely with the customer to equip the fuel station with an above ground and double-walled 30,000 litre fuel storage tank capable of refuelling 400 vehicles per day.

As the construction of the tank is a shipping container the unit is perfectly designed for easy manoeuvrability which facilitates easy mobility to new locations.

The PFA29 tank was built with the environment and security in mind, featuring a lockable roller shutter door to protect assets, and a built-in, weather proof secondary containment; eliminating the need for berms or basins.


The Western Global team worked closely with the customer for the complete duration of the project and was able to deliver a reliable fuel storage solution to meet the client’s needs. The fuelling station, the Enoc Compact Station, is Dubai’s first solar panelled compact petrol station and is currently located in Arabian Ranches. The station holds the capacity of 30,000 Litres and is designed as a kiosk format. The fuel station is a simple and easy to use fuelling solution for residents in living in areas with no nearby stations.

Mobile emergency response fuel tanks, providing peace-of-mind for the unpredictable

FEMA required a bulk number of fuel storage tanks to use during typhoon season on the remote island of Saipan. This order was received as a matter of urgency, as it was to assist in the recovery from a natural disaster.

Geothermal Power Plant – TCG

A customer required a fuel storage solution for a new geothermal power plant, with a total capacity of 50MW. Western provided an off-the-shelf fuel storage solution, that delivered efficiency and was cost effective.