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Offshore drilling operations in Prudhoe Bay

Offshore drilling operations in Prudhoe Bay

Prudhoe Bay drilling operation in need of a reliable solution for mud and cuttings storage.



Prudhoe Bay is the home to the largest oil field in the USA. It is 1,200 miles south of the North Pole and 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The cold season, lasting from November to April, sees an average daily (high) temperature of 2°F with lows of up to -62°F with wind chills up to -135°F. With operations in such a frigid environment, the customer was in need of a mud and cuttings box that could withstand the extreme cold.


Combining the experience and expertise of our engineering and operations teams, the Mudbox Offshore was designed and produced to the meet the needs of this demanding application. The boxes are certified to ADR and DOT transport specifications, and also carry EN12079, DNV2.7-1 and the new ISO10855 offshore lifting standards. In addition, each box was configured with a heating system to rapidly thaw frozen content to make emptying them easier. Western deployed 450 units to replace the underperforming existing boxes on the oil field.


The Mudbox Offshore series of mud and cutting containment provided the customer operational efficiencies in transportation and material handling. The units are built to withstand the extreme cold weather of Prudhoe Bay, ensuring the hazardous materials enclosed do not freeze and operations remain productive.

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