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Marine Diesel – Guyana Shorebase Inc

Marine Diesel – Guyana Shorebase Inc



1000KL of fuel is needed to dispatch to a delivery vessel a few hundred thousand litres at a time.
The rigs in use are “dynamically positioned” meaning they are floating (not anchored).
In remote areas or developing countries where there is little support infrastructure, erecting a site fabricated, solution would be extremely difficult due to the lack of skilled workforce and availability of speciality materials required.


The Guyana Shore-base Inc. (GYSBI) job is for Marine Diesel (MDO) which is a mixture of gas oil and heavy fuel oil. This as well as the power plant, and drills on board use Marine Diesel Oil. The daily usage is very significant.


Importing the equipment, construction personnel and raw materials is cost prohibitive, so a modular route is preferred. Western are supplying the system to a “Shore Base Support” company that will act as a “general store” for provisioning the offshore oil platforms .The shore-side fuel delivery infrastructure is limited there to 30,000L non-articulated fuel trucks, so they need to have almost “fulltime” deliveries to keep the bunker full, as they dispatch 400 to 700 KL at a time, several times a week.


Western provided an entire fuel chain which consisted of 18x 400TTS container tanks, each holding 60420 L totalling 1,087,560 L of fuel. These 40ft units are inter linked through a pipe network. Assembled with linking bridges and stairways for ease of accessing.


The fuel farm is sat near the quayside and there are distinct environmental advantages of having multiple double walled units with smaller capacities vs. a large single tank. If a particular tank fails, you are not dealing with the entire capacity of a single large reservoir. For cleaning and maintenance, the operator can isolate individual tanks and take them offline without ceasing operations. Additionally, if demand changes or moves, they can remove the tanks and relocate somewhere else quickly and easily


With this site, they are planning on a Phase II which will double it as more rigs arrive in the area. This will be able to be done very quickly the ability to ship in modules for basic assembly has saved the client a lot of money and skilled resource costs.




Howell Oil choose Western Global Cubes

Howell Oil first started working with Western Global in 2019 when it was working on a complex project with the Army Corp in Belle Glade, Florida. Ever since Western's relationship with Howell Oil has gone from strength to strength...

Keeping operations fueled at one of the largest construction projects in the USA.

Western Global's Fuel Chain services all vehicles throughout the construction phase at the huge manufacturing facility, located in Ohio River, North Valley.