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Keeping operations fueled at one of the largest construction projects in the USA.

Keeping operations fueled at one of the largest construction projects in the USA.

Fuel Chain



Bechtel was appointed as the main works contractor for the construction of the large manufacturing facility, in Pennsylvania. With over 5,000 construction workers on-site, a bulk fuel storage solution was required to meet the huge demand for vehicles using the facility. It was anticipated to reach 30,000 USG (113,562 Litres) per day at peak times. This is approx. 14 million USG (52 million Litres) of fuel going through the facility in its time at this site alone.


Western supplied the customer with a 90,000 USG (335,000 Litres) Fuel Chain. This consisted of X6 TransTank Pro container fuel tanks for storing Off-Road Diesel, On-Road Diesel, and Gasoline, with unloading and dispensing sheds. These container tanks are ideal for large-scale projects, as the modular design means they can bolt together to create an effective fuel chain. This means they can store unlimited amounts of fuel, with minimal installation.



6x TransTank Pro Series container tanks (each tank holds 17,731 USG/ 67,120 Litres)
– TransTank Pro 69 for Off-Road Diesel Fuel x3
– TransTank Pro 69 for Gasoline Diesel Fuel x1
– TransTank Pro 69 for On-Road Diesel Fuel x2

3X Fuel Unloading Pump House – 20-ft ISO Container Module
– Gorman Rupp Off-Road Diesel fuel unloading pump and meter
– Gorman Rupp Gasoline fuel unloading pump and meter
– Gorman Rupp On-Road Diesel fuel unloading pump and meter

3X Fuel Dispensing Pump House – 20ft ISO Container Module:
– Dixon dispensing pump with metered hose reel for h.v. off-road diesel fuel & l.v. off-road fuel dispensing
– Dixon dispensing pump with metered hose reel for h.v. gasoline fuel & l.v. gasoline fuel dispensing
– Dixon dispensing pump with hose reel for h.v. on-road diesel fuel & l.v. on-road fuel dispensing

The entire chain, including all components, is manufactured in a quality-controlled facility before being packed and transported on-site. When on-site, the components ‘bolt together’ and ‘plugged in’. This modular set up was ideal for the construction phase of the manufacturing plant, the concept allows to easily expand and downsize as storage requirements change during the project. This means, at the end of the project it can be re-deployed to other sites easily.


The fuel farm effectively serviced all construction, off-road, and on-road vehicles throughout the site. The project received very positive feedback from site operatives and installation personnel. They were particularly impressed with the overall professionalism of the project, as well as the layout, ease of use, and quality of the fuel tanks.

Overall Western’s Fuel Chain provided:

• A fast and efficient solution that re-fueled vehicles throughout the duration of the construction phase.

• Effortless set up – The components bolt together in a plug and play design. This meant reduced set up and service time was required.

• Hassle-free maintenance – The accessible design allows for easy maintenance and inspection. This meant more time was focused on productivity and meeting the strict deadlines in the project.

• Safety and security – The double-walled containment and lockable equipment cabinet offered peace-of-mind from theft or hazardous spills. This made the environment safer and avoided accruing costs.


TransTank Pro – Fuel Chain: The ideal innovation for meeting bulk fuel storage and dispensing requirements on large construction sites.

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Keeping operations fueled at one of the largest construction projects in the USA.

Western Global's Fuel Chain services all vehicles throughout the construction phase at the huge manufacturing facility, located in Ohio River, North Valley.