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Full infrastructure for Africa Mine Site

Full infrastructure for Africa Mine Site

Commissioning of a greenfield mine site in Mali, Africa that required storage for diesel fuel & gasoline.



A Western Global client was looking for support on a start-up green-fields mine project in Mali, Africa. The client initially needed fuel containers that could hold 31,700 gallons of diesel fuel with the ability to expand their capacity in the future. The client’s major concerns were to ensure high-quality fuel, maintain ISO cleanliness levels and meet their very tight timeline for completion.


Western Global was able to quickly design a solution that would meet the client’s stringent requirements. Western Global provided the mine site with a TransTank P Series bulk fuel storage tank to refuel their yellow machinery and equipment and 2 TransTank TTS bulk fuel storage tanks to connect to their generators.
Western Global provided the client with a 17,700 gallons TransTank P69 fuel storage tank and fitted it with an industrial refueling package for fueling their yellow machinery and vehicles. This custom setup could refuel yellow machinery at 120 g/min and lighter vehicles at 20 l/min. The setup included a trade use flow meter and highly efficient Beta 2000 filtration.

The client also needed two 15,000 gallon TransTank 400TTS bulk fuel storage tanks to power their generators. The TransTanks were inter-connected with base mounted ports to allow for gravity feeding to the power plant. Off-loading was performed by a sliding-vane pump powered by a 7.5kW Zone 2 electric motor. Fuel was accounted for by including a trade-use flow meter down-stream of the pump. Western Global fitted the solution with:
 Inter-connected pipework at the base to allow for constant equalization of levels.
 Simultaneous off-loading and dispensing capabilities.
 A rotor type flow meter with air-eliminator and strainer.
 Dual sets of filtration for higher dirt holding capacity.


Western Global was able to deliver a robust and reliable solution to meet the client’s needs. This was done in record time which resulted in cost savings for the client. The TransTanks’ linkable design helped the client to avoid excessive expansion costs associated with conventional solutions. That way, they could easily increase the capacity of their mine site as their operation grew.

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