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Fueling Station for 60+ Fleet of Trucks

Fueling Station for 60+ Fleet of Trucks

Trucking company with 60 trucks in need of a fuel storage solution.



A trucking company was looking for a solution for fueling their trucks. When drivers left in the morning they would have to go to the local gas station, and often wait in line for a significant amount of time. This wasted time would deduct valuable travel minutes. Also, each driver used two fuel cards, resulting in fragmented financial reporting on fuel expenses.


Western Global’s TransTank offered the perfect solution to fit their needs. With an 8,000 gallon capacity and lockable equipment cabinet, the unit offered the bulk capacity the trucking company needed along with peace of mind for truck fueling. The tank was fitted with a fuel management system that featured online real-time reporting with MPG.


With a storage tank on-site, drivers now spend more time on the road and less time waiting at gas stations. This on-site fuel storage unit also allowed the company to more effectively manage their expenses, report consistently on vehicle MPG, and unlock major cost savings by purchasing fuel in bulk.

Howell Oil choose Western Global Cubes

Environmental risk identified Howell Oil first started working with Western Global in 2019 when it was working on a complex project with the Army Core in Belle Glade, Florida.   Howell Oil & the Army Core engineer assessed the site’s existing round tanks with secondary containment skids to be a major environmental and reputational risk…

Keeping operations fueled at one of the largest construction projects in the USA.

Western Global's Fuel Chain services all vehicles throughout the construction phase at the huge manufacturing facility, located in Ohio River, North Valley.