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Fueling an Iron Ore Mine in the Arctic Circle

Fueling an Iron Ore Mine in the Arctic Circle

An open pit iron ore mine needed a fuel solution that could withstand the harsh climate near the Arctic Circle in Northern Canada.



The company was looking to implement a secondary fueling station with the purpose of refueling their ore-hauling tractors to improve efficiency in their output of raw materials. They needed a robust solution that could both meet the logistical challenges of reaching the final destination north of the Arctic Circle and withstand the harsh climate conditions once in place. On top of this, the client had to implement the setup on a tight timeline so they could beat the early freezing season.


The TransTank TTS proved to be the perfect solution. With the forklift pockets for easy maneuverability and the ISO container design, the TransTank was able to simplify the customer’s logistical challenges. Our in-house engineering team worked closely with the customer to provide a “turn-key” system complete with two 13,208 gallon fuel tanks, a specialty pump solution designed for extreme cold weather, a heavy duty heater and arctic grade hoses suitable for – 130°F weather.


The TransTank and engineered pumping solution met the customer’s challenging logistical and climate requirements. The tank’s CSC container-style design saved the customer a significant amount on transport costs, while providing them with peace of mind of having functioning equipment in the extreme weather conditions.

Keeping operations fueled at one of the largest construction projects in the USA.

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