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Fuel Provider Chooses FuelCube for International Airport

Fuel Provider Chooses FuelCube for International Airport

A fuel provider needed a fuel storage solution to refuel equipment for an international airport that was easier to use and met stringent environmental requirements.


The Kiesel Company, a fuel provider located out of Missouri, needed to upgrade their customers’ fuel storage solutions to meet more demanding environmental requirements. They were using gravity-fed cylindrical above ground fuel tanks to refuel onsite trucking equipment for an international airport. Spanning around 800 acres of land, this airport served around 90 domestic and international locations. The upgrade equipment would need to:

 Cut the maintenance costs of cleaning the rainwater from the secondary containment area
 Meet stringent environmental requirements set by the airport and other fueling compliance laws
 Fit the fuel tank within a limited amount of space
 Dispense fuel with its own power source
Western Global supplied Kiesel with three custom-modified 1,000 gallon FCP1000 FuelCubes. The FuelCube is a stationary above ground fuel tank designed for onsite equipment refueling and backup fuel supply. The FuelCube features a built-in weatherproof containment berm that allows for 110% containment of the inner tank. The FuelCube was fully compliant with the airport’s environmental standards and fueling standards such as UL 142 & NFPA 30A. Western Global’s in-house operations team was able to configure the FuelCubes with solar power panels to run the fuel pumping equipment.

Kiesel found that Western Global’s FuelCube proved to be an easy to use solution for their onsite refueling needs. The FuelCube’s weatherproof berm eliminated the need to pump out a containment basin, and the FuelCube’s design met UL 142 and other environmental requirements.

The solar-powered panels allowed the airport to choose where the tanks were placed without running conduit for power. They also upgraded the nozzles to auto-shut-off to further reduce fuel spills. By rethinking their fuel tanks, Kiesel Co was able to support their customer with compliant and easy-to-use refueling for their equipment.

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