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DEF During Harvest

DEF During Harvest

4,500 acre farm with newly purchased Tier 4 compliant harvesters and tractors.




At harvest time, between early Summer and late Autumn, harvesters and large tractors need to be continually working to meet the high demand of the limited season. The customer, a UK-based farm, had been able to use diesel tanks for fuel, but their recent purchase of Tier 4 machines brought the need for a means to dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at the same time. The use of separate containers for fuel and DEF was beginning to take up too much of their time.

Western Global’s Abbi Blue tanks, which holds 250 US gallons of fuel and 42 US gallons of DEF, provided the ideal solution for the farm’s needs. The dual compartment Abbi Blue stores both fuel and DEF in one unit, but has two cabinets as to prevent contamination of liquids. This functionality enabled the customer to safely refuel with diesel and refill the DEF alongside the machine at the same time.

The Abbi Blue has enabled the customer’s harvesting to proceed at full speed. This is important in view of the often limited opportunities for harvesting, ploughing and planting due to the unpredictability of the UK weather. The Abbi Blue tanks saved the customer time and vehicle movements which ultimately reduced their costs.


Mobile emergency response fuel tanks, providing peace-of-mind for the unpredictable

FEMA required a bulk number of fuel storage tanks to use during typhoon season on the remote island of Saipan. This order was received as a matter of urgency, as it was to assist in the recovery from a natural disaster.

Geothermal Power Plant – TCG

A customer required a fuel storage solution for a new geothermal power plant, with a total capacity of 50MW. Western provided an off-the-shelf fuel storage solution, that delivered efficiency and was cost effective.