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Ask the fuel tank experts part I

Transportable fuel tanks

What fuel tanks are best for your construction operation? 

At Western Global, we have everything from towable diesel bowsers, fuel tank containers, to oil storage tanks. With a plethora of fuel tanks on the market, it can be a tough to know what fuel tank is needed for your construction site. There are several factors to consider, such as the benefits of fuel monitoring, cleaning and maintenance costs, tank transportation, and theft prevention etc.

To make your fuel tank choice as easy as possible, our fuel storage experts have shared some of the most common questions and answers we receive from customers…


1. Can I transport fuel on the road?

Yes, at Western Global, we have designed a solution that efficiently provides safe transport of diesel fluid in a fuel sending unit. Products like the TransCube Global meet multiple worldwide transport regulations, allowing you to transport fuel safely, anywhere in the world. Starting from 499 litres, these bunded fuel tanks features 4-way forklift pockets, internal baffles and lifting/ stacking corner brackets for ease of handling and transportation. Additionally, these fuel storage tanks can re-fuel 3 diesel powered pieces of equipment at the same, extending the run times and increasing the overall productivity on your construction site.

We also have two types of portable fuel bowsers for sale, the Abbi Site and Abbi Highway. A Highway tow bowser is built with a type approved chassis with lights, mudguards and brakes to ensure the bowser is designed to be fully compliant with use on the public highway. A site towable fuel bowser is for use when moving fuel around on site. The towable diesel bowser is typically used to be towed behind a dumper on a construction site.


2. Will the fuel tank be environmentally safe? I wouldn’t want to be fined for any unexpected spillages.

Avoid taking a cheap risk. Accidents can happen, so it is vital the fuel tank is durable and robust, fully contained and rigorously tested to handle the toughest conditions. Therefore our transportable fuel storage tanks are 110% bunded, giving you peace of mind that any leakages are fully contained in the bund, avoiding the risk of spills in an event of an accident. No spills. No hefty bills!


ADR Compliant fuel tank

ADR testing day



3. What security features are available?

All it takes is 15 minutes for a thief to steal over £500 worth of diesel fuel from a storage tank, as well as over £1000 of pumping equipment.  As a result, Western fuel tanks are designed with high security in mind. All fuel storage tanks have heavy duty locking systems and a place to house a heavy-duty padlock.

Fuel storage tanks like our TransCube series, features a lockable equipment cabinet to protect fuel and equipment from theft and water damage. This extra security protects your investment from potential theft and protects equipment from the elements.

Safe and secure fuel tank

EXPERT INSIGHT: Ensure the fuel tank is designed by expert and experienced engineers. Look for innovative features that simplify maintenance and offer security. Find a durable fuel tank that is not easy to access, and consider adding a monitor to your fuel tank to alert you to potential internal threats.



Do you still have un-answered questions?

Check out our fuel tank decision tool and find out which fuel storage tank meets your construction requirements. Alternatively, get in touch with our sales experts, who will be able to support you with fuelling your construction operation.

[email protected]


We recommend:

Transportable bunded fuel tanks with trailer options – TRANSCUBE

Diesel Bowsers – ABBI

Stationary tank containers- ENVIROCUBE CAB (coming soon to the website)


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