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Abbi vs TransCube Global Cab

Choosing the right fuel tank for you

Both the Abbi Global and TransCube Global Cab are efficient fuel tanks for refueling construction sites, but which fuel tank is better? In short, neither is better nor worse, but these differences may be the deal-breaker when you choose your next mobile refueler.

Benefits, the differences…

Choose the shape that is the most convenient for your needs

The most evident difference is the shape of both fuel tanks. The Abbi is cylindrical, whereas the TCG CAB is cube-shaped. Some customers choose to keep their fleet looking the same, so opt for one style or the other. However, there are many benefits of the cube design.
1. Easy to dismantle and stack.
2. Stack 2 high when full and three high when empty.
3. Space saver. If you are tight on space, the cube design may be the better option for you.

Maintenance and Inspection: No-fuss fuel tanks

Both the Abbi and the TCG CAB have access to the inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection. However, featuring a removable inner tank, the TCG CAB is hassle-free. Making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Productivity and efficiency

The Abbi can efficiently connect to one diesel-powered piece of equipment and dispense fuel at the same time.
Our TransCube models take efficiency a step further and can connect up to three pieces of diesel-powered equipment. Meaning they can double and even triple the runtimes of your equipment. These extra fittings enable more versatility when working with auxiliary machinery (generators, heaters, etc.).
Although the TransCube range offers features that increase efficiency, some sites may not require the demand. Abbi tanks can have extra fittings included, giving the ability to fuel up to two diesel-powered pieces of equipment. So the Abbi fuel tank may be just what you are after to fuel efficiency and increase uptime.

Brand popularity

The Abbi is a popular product for refueling sites in the UK. However, TransCube is a global product brand. Customers love the versatility and flexibility of the TransCube, alongside the return on investment and strong re-sell values. The TCG CAB is a higher initial investment than Abbi fuel tanks, so it is worth weighing up which storage solution would bring the most value to your business.


Benefits, the similarities…

Short-term fuel supply

Both product brands are ideal for short-term fuel supply. The Abbi comes in two models and can hold 976 – 2,751 Litres of fuel. The TransCube Global Cab has a slightly larger capacity and can store up to 2,751 Litres of fuel. The variety of models gives you the flexibility to choose a tank that would be most suitable for your fuel supply requirements.

Well suited as a mobile refueler

Designed to travel around construction sites, refueling all applicable machinery and equipment. Both models have the same chassis for ease-of-use.

No spills and environmentally friendly

Built-in weatherproof secondary containment. Both tanks are 110% bunded. There is also an option to add our greenest accessory yet, the solar panel charge kit. Check out our environmental post to learn more.

Limited access work-sites

Both fuel tanks are ideal for logistically challenging worksites and remote locations. A refueling solution no matter how challenging the worksite looks.

An added layer of security- keeping your assets secure

The Abbi and the TCG CAB* feature an extra-large lockable equipment cabinet, securing all equipment and ports while capturing any accidental drips or spills. The extra layer of safety and security means contractors and site managers can have peace-of-mind, knowing their fuel is protected.

*The TCG CAB offers a larger lockable cabinet compared to its other TCG models.

Applications and industries
Both the Abbi and TCG CAB are efficient for fast mobile refueling, short-term fuel requirements, and limited access worksites. Both fuel tanks are ideal for refueling equipment on construction sites. However, the Abbi range of tanks is also commonly used in Agriculture refueling, whilst the TCG CAB is popular within the rental and power generation market.
If you’re interested in finding out more about either of these products, please get in touch with us today.


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